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Large Adjustable Dressmakers Bust
Large Adjustable Dressmakers Bust
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Super-Fit Deluxe adjustable tailors bust comes in 8 parts and has been used over many years by beginners and experienced dressmakers/fashion designers. The body is split at the waist to assist fitting for those with longer or shorter waistlines. It has 12 adjustable measurement wheels including neck, waist, nape to waist, hips, bust, and height. The foam-backed nylon covering allows easy pinning and making. The adjustable neck comes with a useful pin cushion. It comes with hem marker or hem leveler. The bust has a strong tripod stand which folds for easy storage. All measurements are in both metric and imperial.

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Bust: 1150mm/45'' - 1340mm/53"

Waist: 970mm/38"-1160mm/46"

Hips: 1200mm/47"-1400mm/55"


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