Folding Display Tower and Tables

Folding Tower/Gift Unit Acrylic Shelf - 600mm
Product Code: FTAS
EX VAT:29.95 (Pack of 1)
Out Of Stock
Central Support Cross Clamp
Product Code: FTCC
EX VAT:1.95 (Pack of 1)
In Stock
Folding Tower/Gift Unit Shelf Support
Product Code: FTSC
EX VAT:1.20 (Pack of 1)
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Clear Self Adhesive Label Holder - 525mm
Product Code: FTTS
EX VAT:1.65 (Pack of 1)
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Fortis System Trestle Table Slate Finish
Product Code: FOTTS
EX VAT:195.00
In Stock
Display Table - per pair
Product Code: DT1200
EX VAT:170.00 pair
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Folding Dispay Tower 1200mm/48"
Product Code: FT1200
EX VAT:175.00 (Pack of 1)
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Folding Dispay Tower 1500mm/59" - IPOS ORDER ONLY
Product Code: FT1500
EX VAT:190.00 (Pack of 1)
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