Modular Display System

Fortis System Square 3 Tier Display H1200mm x L400 x W400m
Product Code: FOSR4
EX VAT:205.00
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Fortis Slate Bin
Product Code: FORSB
EX VAT:245.00
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Fortis System Trestle Table Slate Finish
Product Code: FOTTS
EX VAT:195.00
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Fortis System Gondola - 1200mm x525mm x1300mm
Product Code: FOGONDOLA
EX VAT:275.00
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Fortis 3 Tier Display Slate Finish - Graphite
Product Code: FOLR12
EX VAT:320.00
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Fortis System Sisplay Base  - 1400 x 500 x 180 Graphite
Product Code: BPG1400
EX VAT:110.00
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Fortis System Display Base - 500 x 500 x 180mm Graphite
Product Code: BPG500
EX VAT:75.00
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Graphite 3 tier table unit
Product Code: TAB1000G
EX VAT:165.00
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Product Code: TAB1000W
EX VAT:145.00 (Pack of 1)
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Sapphire Premium Shelf Kit
Product Code: PSK90
EX VAT:57.00 STD
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